rightly dividing the word of truth

The Master Key to Understanding the Bible

The apostle Paul commanded Timothy to rightly divide the Word of Truth. By rightly dividing the word of Truth all the troubling issues disappeared. Right division is the process of determining the correct audience for each chapter and book of the Bible for doctrine. The Bible contains much doctrine, but it is not all our doctrine. God dealt with Israel before the Church, the body of Christ, began. He will deal with Israel again after the dispensation of Grace ends with the Rapture of the church. Israel has their doctrine and we, the church, have ours. Another way of stating this concept as it applies to the church; “the Bible was written FOR us, but not all written TO us.” Israel has their truth, and we have ours.

FUTURE HISTORY - God's Intelligence Briefing on the End Times

If you ask a dozen Bible Prophecy “experts” what’s next on God’s prophetic timetable you’ll get thirteen or more scenarios they think might soon play out. Some are looking for a revived Roman Empire from Europe. Others the Gog Magog war against Israel with Iran, Turkey and Russia at the helm. With the war in Syria, the prophesied destruction of Damascus is high on many prophetic watch lists. Many are even looking for the arrival of the Antichrist to confirm a peace treaty in the Middle East kicking off the 7-year Tribulation…

Beyond the Rapture

Many will show up for Church the Sunday after the Rapture. They are confused and have many questions. Was it really the Rapture they missed? After all, they are good Christians, right? Then why are we still here they ask. Some will be angry blaming their pastors for not preaching the truths of Bible prophecy and preparing them for so great an event. Others will show up realizing something very serious has happened but don’t know exactly what. They might have heard about the Rapture, but always thought it was just a bizarre delusion of irrational Christians. These folks are probably more open to Jesus than the bunch that has been playing church for decades as they might be realizing all that seemingly inexplicable prophecy just might be true. As you know, fear of the unknown is a powerful motivator. People do some crazy things when fear rules their mind. Even though things may seem hopeless, all is not lost. I wrote this short guide to help those remaining after the Rapture understand what lay ahead. There are some terrible times coming upon the earth, but if you know about them in advance and prepare, your chances for survival are greatly improved…

Revelation book cover images

Revelation Rightly Divided

The traditional view of the Book of Revelation teaches that chapters one, two, and three apply to us, the church, the Body of Christ. And everything from chapter 4 thru 22 is yet future. Church tradition also tells us that the seven letters of chapters two and three were written to churches in Asia Minor, started by the apostle Paul, and have a present-day application to the dispensation of grace. But is that true? Are the seven letters in chapters two and three relevant to the Body of Christ or other assemblies of believers in a different timeframe or setting? If the letters do apply to us, the body of Christ, why did the Lord not deliver them through our Apostle Paul? Remember, John is an apostle to the circumcision, Israel, not the Body of Christ ...

The Apostle Paul

Unlocking the mysteries of the church, plus 10 reasons to love the apostle Paul. Was Paul a mere man? Yes and No. Yes, Paul was a mere man in the flesh, just like you and I. And no, Paul was also a prominent spiritual pioneer in God's plan for the ages being the lone instrument God used to bring salvation by grace to this world. We're going to look at several passages concerning Paul, making a list from scripture of God's purpose for Saul of Tarsus, the apostle Paul.

PDF Chart of Your Bible Rightly Divided

Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth Tri-fold Brochure

This tri-fold brochure briefly describes right division and why it’s necessary. Great introduction for friends, family and acquaintances unfamiliar with right division.  Comes in a celo-pack of 20 for $10.  Be sure to add your name and address when checking out or send me an email at

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